Upcoming Events for 2007.

Program Director at ArtsNorth Studio Gallery 7 Judd Road Elizabeth 08 8252 0951
Where I will be conducting regular exhibitions throughout the year in the Sculpture Garden, Front of House, The Shed and Project Exit Room as well as conducting Experimental JUNK art classes and working on many new sculptures, paintings and commissioned pieces.

Jan - Completing my latest collage works titled "7 Deadly Sins" negotiating to exhibit in Sydney or Melbourne.

Feb - Commence Video Art Class, lets make movies. (course runs for 12 months).

March - Adelaide Fringe Festival - ArtsNorth studio exhibition titled "Juxtapose"

  • Entering the Archibald Art Prize - self portrait
  • Naracoorte Art Gallery Exhibition titled "My Africa"
  • Murray Bridge Arts Festival.

April - Creating Arty Farty Backyardy version two pilot TV Art Show.

  • Stamford CT USA Exhibition titled "Tossed & Found"

May - Negotiating for a return to New York exhibition, stay tuned for further exciting news.

August - SALA Festival (South Australian Living Arts Festival) at the Crypt Art House open house exhibition titled "Tortured Artist"

Sept - Project Exit Room exhibition titled - "Dead Birds"

Oct - Prospect Portrait Prize

Nov - Fleurieu Penninsula Biennale

Dec - Getting married to Annie you’re all welcome to attend.

Visit the CRYPT Art house by appointment only.

The Art house is where the artist and house are an ongoing work in progress some featured artworks throughout the house include :
The incredible Time Machine situated in the backyard ready for lift of at any time it has just clocked up one Trillion Ks and is currently getting a make over.
Room 13 - for some shock treatment.
The underground Crypt in the main bedroom enter if you dare.
The newly decorated painting room where you can view the artist at work


The submarine experiment.

Dolls are taking over the house they are every ware if you have seen toy story then you will understand what Iam saying as the night falls the dolls come to life and are taking over the house like Gremlins they keep multiplying.

View Arty Farty Backyardy pilot TV art show and my recent TV interviews on the ABC Stateline and Channel Seven News on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dc8BCIDohDY

Read about the adventures of my New York adventure and take a look through the hundreds of photo's taken while there.

Then there is Annie make your own mind up if you meet her she only comes out when there's a full moon you can read about her adventures on my blog pages http://www.renkrn8.com.au/b2evolution/index.php/all

and much more DON'T BE AFRAID ......

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