scrapyard-drivein-new_04Click here to download Steve's latest TV interview, recently shown here in Adelaide and soon to appear on the ABC. File format is divx .avi, playtime 6min file size 5meg, 30min at 56k modem downloadThis movie contains highlights from a TV promo for Steves latest project, "ARTY FARTY" about a mad scientist sculptor who travels the Universe in a timemachine creating artworks from found items. File type .WMV File size 2.9meg Play time 1:45 Download time via 56k 12minutes                  Right click on the picture and select "save target as" then when its downloaded go to where its saved and play it..      Please contact Steve for a fee copy of the entire movie on CD.Steves been drinking the time machine fluid, attempting to overcome artists block via its effects. This has mutated the neurons in his brain and allowed them to "communicate" with his junkart movie camera and enable us to see his dreams...Arty's latest exhibition, documented for the web
scrapyard-drivein_05Steves latest and GREATEST video. This was a television show about him and his art, screened on ABC. Right click and choose "save as.." to download.  10mb 40 minute download by dialup.Steve featured on Channel 7 news, 4mb wmv file.

Click the image on the left to see a series of animations featuring various doll sculptures by Steve. Its Mr T’s wedding night and Steve gatecrashes the honey moon.


Junk Art interview on Vimeo.

This video is also available on youtube here Junk Art video


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