time MachineTime Machine rides

Step right up and get your ticket to ride the incredible time machine, click here to see past flights...


The time Machine is an amazing machine, built in 2002 to change a few things I had done in my past.  You can also ride in the present and into the future.  Come for a wild ride at the speed of sound - you will be amazed. 

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS (Ride at your own risk.  I am not responsible for the outcome)

1 Get on board  

2 Put helmet and seat belt on 

 3 Set time clock to year and time   

4 Set controls, speed pressure and co-ordinates 

 5 Put goggles on     

6 Put hands on steering wheel                               

7 Close eyes    

8 Take your mind back to the event.  See it, feel it, live it and change it.                                                        

9 Once you have felt and seen the change in your mind, come back to the present.  You will feel possibly exhausted, shaky, sweaty, short of breath, crying or happy.   

10 Sit for awhile until you are ready to get off.  Reset the clock to present time and year.  Your new journey has begun.

Made of metal and found objects

Dimensions for Time Machine H290 x W160 x D210 cm

Price on application


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